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Well prepared for winter

Completely new is BERTSCHAT®’s Dual heated body warmer. With as many as ten heat zones incorporated into the bodywarmer, this is ideal to wear under a jacket on a bike ride, hike, motorbike ride, work and even while hunting. Those who spend long periods of time outside during the cold days could use some heating. The revolutionary way of heating the Bertschat bodywarmer with dual heating ensures that you will never have to feel cold again for a moment. 

Huge heating area

This new heated body warmer now has twice as many heating zones as the previous model. There are 10 heating zones in the latest model. 4 spots on the abdomen and 6 on the back. This makes it the warmest heated body warmer currently available. The heating zones are located at strategic points. Both the torso and the back are fully heated. On the inside of the bodywarmer, there are pockets on either side where the powerbank can be inserted. Each powerbank is responsible for five heating elements and can be switched on separately. The bodywarmer can reach a temperature of up to 68 degrees. On the inside of the heated bodywarmer are two buttons that allow you to control the temperature. By pressing the button, you can easily choose one of the three different modes. As both powerbanks work separately, both front and back can heat separately.


The heated body warmer is a unisex model so can be worn by men as well as women. You can also easily wear it under a jumper or jacket. The heated waistcoat is adjustable at the sides and shoulders. So you can decide how loose or tight you want the waistcoat to be. When you wear the heated body warmer underneath something, it is an extra layer of insulation and the body warmer will be even more effective 

Suitable for any activity! 

The heated body warmer is very nice for any activity. Because it can be worn under other clothing, it is very easy to use. If you still prefer to wear a slightly thicker body warmer as an outer layer, there is also the padded version of the heated body warmer. This is available as a men’s model but also slightly fitted as a women’s model with hood. If you want to be fashionable yet warm, this is choice for you.


The padded heated bodywarmer also features the same dual heating technology as the thin heated bodywarmer. With 6 heating elements on the back and 4 on the front, you will stay wonderfully warm.


If you have any further questions about the heated body warmer, please contact the specialists at BERTSCHAT®. Besides the heated body warmer, they can advise you on all other available heated products. At least you won’t have to be cold this winter, whatever the weather.

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