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How to Get Happy when You’re Sad

Creating your own happiness might sound silly, but it is far from that. Everyone can create their own happiness by following a few simple tips and tricks. The world we live in can be quite intense and hard sometimes. It is very important to keep ourselves going and to keep our mindset positive.
You might wonder how you can achieve this? No worries. We got you. We are more than happy to share our insider tips that have proven to work for so many. Are you ready to create your own happiness? Let’s go.

1. Smile therapy

The word therapy might make you feel a bit cautious, but you have to shake that off. This isn’t the kind of therapy where you go to a psychiatrist to talk about difficult topics, this is therapy that you can do yourself, by yourself, in the comfort of your own home. Smile therapy is proven to be very successful for those that feel sad and down sometimes. You only need yourself and a mirror. If you feel comfortable to do this with a partner or a friend, by all means. But if you prefer to do it alone, you can definitely do that.
Look in the mirror, say something nice to yourself and laugh. It might feel forced in the beginning but you have to power through that. You will notice that your smiles and laughs will become more sincere by the second. By smiling and laughing your brain will send a signal to your body that the happy hormones that are being created are allowed to spread all over. You will notice the happiness throughout your entire body.

2. Have a purpose

It is important to have a purpose in life. Without a purpose, your life can feel pretty empty and you can feel very sad. You need a reason to wake up in the morning while feeling happy and excited. If you don’t have a purpose, try to find yours. Make a mood board, write down things you love to do and things you are good at. Don’t be embarrassed about the things you feel passionate about. If you feel passionate about something, go for it. Not everyone will understand or support your journey, and that is okay. You should always go after what makes you happy because at the end of the day, you have to take care of yourself first.


3. Set goals

Once you have settled on a purpose, it is important to set goals. Setting goals can create structure in your way of working. Write down all the things you should do in order to achieve your goals. Break those goals down in priorities and decide the order of things. Work your way down the list until you have achieved your goals. Don’t forget to tick off a task when it’s done. Get that bright red marker and cross off the accomplished task. Celebrate all your wins. The big and small wins. You got this.

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