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How to enhance your natural beauty

Most women struggle with this daily: they want to look fabulous but they also don’t want to put a lot of make up on their face, because they want to look good. They want to look good for themselves, but often times also for the other women and men out there on the street. The most popular make up look nowadays is a natural make up look. This way, you can keep up the appearance that you don’t have any make up on your face. However, you know that you do wear make up! It is just so well put on, that other people will not even recognize the make up on your face. But, how do you create such a natural make up look, to enhance your natural beauty? You will read here three ways how to create a natural make up look!

Choose a CC cream instead of a foundation

A foundation is a lot more concealing than a CC cream. When you wear a foundation, people can often times see that you have some kind of a skin mask on your face. This is not the effect you want to achieve, because you want to improve your natural beauty, which is not the same as wearing a full make up look. A CC cream can make your skin look fabulous, with without the full make up look vibe. Your skin looks smooth and all your redness will disappear, the effect you want to go for!

Use bronzer as eye shadow

Another great trick from the make up world, is to not use very dark eye shadow. When you wear very clearly visible eye shadow, your make up will look a bit more heavier than it actually is. A very bright eye colour will make your eyes pop, but this is not the effect you want to go for if you want to chance your natural beauty. You have to look for a very brown natural colour, because brown will make everyone’s eyes a bit brighter. It doesn’t matter whether you have green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes or gray eyes, brown fits every eye colour. Therefore, brown eye shadow is the best colour to paint on your eye lid. However, most eye shadow nowadays are very pigmented. This is not very beneficial if you want to create a natural make up look.


Use a natural lipstick

It is not easy to generate a natural make up look. It is hard to put on make up, and then to have an end result that looks like you don’t wear make up, but that you just look fabulous by yourself. A way to emphasize your inner beauty, is by putting on a lipstick in a natural colour on your lips. This way, your lips pop and you will look very pretty. However, you still don’t wear a lot of make up on your face. Choose for a light pink or light red colour, and you will look phenomenal!

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