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How to fall asleep

How do you fall asleep? Where it may seem a simple question, in fact it’s not that simple at all. From counting the minutes to long and sleepless nights: many people experience insomnia and other complaints around their night’s sleep. So, once and for all, how to fall asleep? In this article we give you 3 tips to fall asleep more easily and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

1. Create yourself an evening routine

Let’s be honest: most of the time we are busy doing everything but relaxing in the evening. Cleaning the house, getting some last things for work done, working out or having company over: when was the last time you didn’t do anything before bed time? And even when we think we relax, we don’t. Because scrolling on your phone, watching tv or surfing the internet doesn’t mean you relax. Not for your brain.

Because what happens when you go to bed right after an evening like this? Right. You probably stare at the ceiling for hours or experience a restless night.

Create yourself an evening routine without any ‘blue light’ like phones, laptops or television. For example:

  • No blue light after 8 PM
  • Read a book before you go to bed
  • Try some meditations to unwind
  • Write down what’s on your mind, both positive and negative, to release your thoughts
  • Make yourself a cup of herbal tea like chamomile to relax

2. Make sure you have a restful bedroom

Fact: the more quiet and restful the bedroom, the better your night’s sleep. Remove dirty laundry, gadgets and other messes from your room and create yourself an Oasis of peace. And above all: teach yourself not to allow a television, laptop and telephone in your bedroom. Is your phone also your alarm clock? That’s oké, but don’t put your phone right next to your bed.

One extra tip! Did you know the color blue is the most soothing color to relax? Paint your walls, choose blue for the bedding or decorate with blue home accessories.

3. Switch off each part of your body

Can you check off the first two tips? Then lie down (on your back) in bed and start with the most important thing to relax: control your breathing. You can try some breathing exercises or just focus on breathing in and out very calm. This gives you two benefits: less focus on your thoughts and a relaxed heartbeat.

Is your breathing under control? Then ‘switch off’ each part of your body. How? With your mind. Bring your thoughts to your left foot, relax this foot and switch it off. Go through every part of the body in this way. Still restless? Don’t hesitate to go back to a particular body part and start over.


So, how to fall asleep?

Unfortunately we can’t just snap our fingers and turn off our bodies to enjoy a good night’s sleep. But now you know what you cán do to fall asleep. Create an evening routine, make sure you have a restful bedroom and then switch off each part of your body. Sleep well!

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